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Monday, January 25
Feb 1, 10 10:09 AM
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Welcome to the MQ-Deported website!

We play on the server Chromaggus, but aren't actually a guild. This is a website for the Masquers and Deported joint Monday night ICC25 runs. With the help of other members from Masquers, as well as Kunitz and friend from Deported, and other pugs Kironnis leads this run every week. This is not Masquers main raid, but a 2nd group for people who can't make regular raid times, and alts. If you found your way here and would like to run with us, pst Kironnis (alt is Ryzeer) or Kunitz in game.
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Monday, January 25

mqdeported, Feb 1, 10 10:09 AM.
This was our first run together after a month because of computer issues with Kironnis. It was also our first time into ICC together. We blew threw the first 3 bosses, one shotting them (excluding 2 noob accidental pulls >.>) but weren't able to down Saurfang. Hopefully next run we will have enough ranged to get it done!
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